About Pluvinel

Pluvinel is specially designed to bring equestrians together. We do this because we believe that horses improve our lives, as does technology. By combining the two, we enable more equestrians to engage in an unique, diverse and meaningful sport.

We have two goals, one is to grow the interest for the equestrian sport, as a hobby and as a professional sport, and the second is to make it easy for the equestrian eco-system to thrive by meeting the digital demands of the future.

Need to be accessible

To achieve the first goal, the instructors, trainers and coaches are the true heros, every day sharing their knowledge, giving their time and expertise to make sure new equestrians develop their skills and stay interested. That is why they need to be online, so they can easily be found, and not found only by chance.

For the second goal, Pluvinel has to make a digital solution that is relevant, a digital platform our users find professional, reliable and user friendly. Pluvinel, unlike any other platform, is purely bred for equestrians with transparency, quality and usability as important stepping stones.

Why the name Pluvinel?

The name is inspired by Antoine de Pluvinel, the first of the French riding masters. He taught several Kings of his time. He discovered his own ways, and firmly believed in humane methods to communicate with horses, in contrast to most of the methods used at the time. Pluvinel is described as a man with a good and sound nature for which he has been held in the highest regard up until today. Now, we want to be honour his name, by being a good and sound partner for our users.

Early stage

At this moment www.pluvinel.com is in its early stages, but new features to improve your day are being implemented and will be released in the near future.

Thank you for visiting Pluvinel.

Camilla Næristorp
Founder & designer

For questions or inquiries please contact camilla@pluvinel.com